Types of Video You can Use to Market Your Business

Video marketing isn’t a one-size fits all proposition. The type of business you are promoting, your industry and your target audience all impact the types of video that will be most effective. When you start to look at video marketing for your business, you’ll probably be able to identify several types of video that could improve your online presence and tell your brand’s story. Here’s a look at some of the options:

Brand videos – Think of these as a commercial for your business. These videos focus on your company’s vision, mission and overall vibe. A powerful brand video leaves a lasting impression on viewers and focuses on what’s most important to you and how your business is different from the competitors. Here’s a brand video we created with one of our clients.

Case Studies – These videos focus on the success of your business – from your customers’ perspective. A good case study or testimonial video features satisfied customers explaining how your product or service solved their problems and made life a whole lot better! 

Explainer & Educational Videos – Sometimes people don’t know that they need your product or service until they learn more about it. These videos offer the opportunity to educate potential customers about the benefits of various parts of your business. Highlight solutions that you offerand help viewers build the knowledge they need to make purchasing decisions.

These are just some of the ways video can be used to promote your business and build customer relationships.  If you’re ready to find out more, contact us to talk about what types of video to incorporate into your video marketing plan.