Capitalize on FOMO with Event Videos

Live events carry powerful energy.  People are excited about attending and connecting with others around a common theme. Whether it’s a workshop, training session, trade show, charity event or entertainment event, there’s always a certain buzz that makes it memorable. Attendees come away from events feeling energized.  Capturing your business, charity or community event on video is a great way to keep that momentum going and share it with a wider audience.

We love capturing events on video and creating a final product that reflects the energy of your event.  If you take a look at some of our event videos, you’ll see that we don’t simply park a camera in the back of the room.  We capture the people, setting, and action at your event from multiple angles.  We take the time to film even the smallest details that add to your event’s success.

Before filming your event, we sit down with you to talk about your goals for the video.  We’ll make sure we understand your location/venue, event schedule and important highlights.  We’ll create a shot list to ensure we capture key elements of the event. After filming the event, the creative process kicks in.  Our team uses our editing and design skills to create an engaging video that reflects the spirit of your event.

Our clients find that sharing highlights and insights from their events online builds anticipation for future events and can significantly increase ticket sales and attendance. When someone experiences an event through one of our expertly crafted videos, they tend to experience FOMO (fear of missing out).  A well-made video can attract not just attendees, but event sponsors, speakers and presenters for future events.  

Because video creates stronger customer engagement, it’s become the most effective way to promote products, services and events. Our event videos are shared on social media and are featured on event landing pages. From a life-changing coaching experience to the exhilaration of a live auction or performance, video allows viewers to experience events in a very real way. People are much more likely to watch a video than read text and are more likely to share video content.  When you’re trying to attract people to your events, video is a truly amazing digital marketing tool.

If you have an event coming up, please take a look at some of our event videos.  We tailor every project to the client’s needs and would love to work with you.  Contact us for more information today.