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Count to 60. 500 videos were just uploaded to YouTube. 24 hours from now 10 million videos will be watched on Snapchat. Today 500 million people will watch videos on Facebook. Yours should be one of them. Your video should catch their attention. Your video should cut through the noise. 

Tonal shares stories - crazy cool stories about ideas, and reformers, and entrepreneurs, and businesses that change the world one person at a time. 

That’s why Tonal goes above and beyond for every client, directing each phase of the project from concept and pre-production, to filming, and post production. We’ll sit down with you and listen to your goals. We’ll brainstorm ideas, create a concept, and plan out the production process.

We value music and film equally. We understand the importance of the score and rhythm that drive our stories forward and keep the audience engaged. We’ll attend to every detail, every note, every tone.

Your business has a story. Your story has a tone. Your tone has a beat. TONAL’s mission is to find that beat and showcase you as the leader in your industry.


Paul Manley is Tonal’s Owner and Director of Photography. A former professional studio drummer with years of experience in video production, Manley knows how to layer audio and visual imagery while nuancing the cut and flow of the final product.

Paul was was born and raised in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. At an early age, acting and movie making engulfed his life. Before owning his first video camera at the age of 10, he was already directing his brother and cousins in the making of home movies and short skits.

When he's not increasing his knowledge in video editing, video production, and music, he releases his inner creativity through drumming. Paul strives to intertwine audio and video in order to stun the viewer and force them to feel. While not in the office, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Jessica, and sons, Ezra and Liam.